The Pool Building Process

Step 1- Design:

The design of your pool takes place with your pool builder. You will be able to design your pool from start to finish. You will have the ability to help design everything from start to finish:

Everything will be custom, just the way you want it to be.

Step 2- Dig:

Pool will be dug out to the exact specifications designated in the design.

Step 3- Steel:

Steel Rebar will be placed throughout the pool in a Grid Pattern. This will add to the overall Strength and Durability of your pool throughout the pools lifetime.

Step 4- Plumbing:

Your plumbing Lines, Skimmers, Drains and Equipment will all be installed and set up.

Step 5- Electrical:

All electrical work will be done to the design specs. You will have equipment electrical, Lights and Spa electrical work finished to code.

Step 6- Gunite:

A Dry mix Concrete projected through a hose to form anything from: Swimming pools to Entire Structures. Gunite is the structural Cement shell of the pool. The pool will start looking like a pool once the Gunite is complete.

Step 7- Tile and Coping:

Coping is the very top edge portion of the swimming pool. Coping can be artificial or Natural Stone. Tile generally goes around the top 6″ to 12″ portion of the pool walls and spa. Choose from many different colors and styles.

Step 8- Deck:

Pool decks come in Many Different shapes and sizes as well. Choose from Natural Stone, poured concrete, pavers, and many others.

Step 9- Landscape:

Plant bushes, trees and grasses around the pool to complete your backyard paradise.

Step 10- Plaster:

Plaster is the final step in the pool building process. Plaster is the last coat of cement that goes onto the outer shell of a pool. Choose from many different colors and finishes to complete your swimming pool.

Step 11- Fun:

Have fun and enjoy the many years that your pool will give you!

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